About Us

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A Little Introduction

We are a Northamptonshire based company specialising in the fitting of kitchen and bathrooms. We originally focused on supplying fitting services solely in Northampton however over time we have expanded our services to cover the greater Northamptonshire area.

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Years of Professional Fitting Experience

Our founders and employed fitters have many years fitting experience, so you can be assured your installation will be in safe hands and to a professional standard.

Brands we work with

Brand Independent, but Brand Aware.

We have experience installing most major brands of kitchens and bathrooms. Each manufacturer has it’s own approach to design and specifications as no two are the same, so we take this into consideration and use our experience of particular brands when carrying out an installation.

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Many Happy Customers

By engaging directly with us at an early stage of your project, you benefit from services such as professional measurement to ensure the design phase of your project starts off on the right foot.

We Only Use Our Own Fitters

By only using our own experienced fitters, we can ensure that our installations are delivered on time and to the quality we (and you!) expect.  Many people aren’t aware that often some of the well-known brands outsource fitting services to 3rd party fitters.

By engaging directly with your fitters (hopefully us!) earlier on in your project, you can obtain assurance that your kitchen or bathroom will be installed to your specifications.